JSON editor in a nutshell: How to assign a JSON schema

The JSON schema specification defines no way to assign a schema to a JSON data file. The schema used for validation is either set by the application or by any meta-data like transmission headers or even filename patterns. As an editor for JSON schema, JSONBuddy needs to support methods to assign a JSON schema to […]

JSON schema editor with $ref resolving

Being able to navigate quickly and convenient in your JSON schema can make a big difference while you are working on your schema definitions. Here is a sample screen-shot directly from the JSON schema editor environment of JSONBuddy of the “Unity Assembly Definition” schema¬†available at schemastore.org: The editor resolves the target locations of all $ref […]

JSON editor in a nutshell: The navigation history

A navigation history is a powerful functionality to jump between locations in your JSON data where you want to do modifications or if you want to copy content from one place to another. In both cases, the navigation history saves a lot of time while you are using the JSON editor. In JSONBuddy, the navigation […]

Using the built-in JSON schema generator

Do you want to quickly generate a basic JSON schema in your editor from any JSON input to avoid some typing which needs to be done everytime you start writing a schema? A quick skeleton schema as a starting point with all current properties defined and their integral types already resolved? If yes, you can […]

JSON editor and validator for large schemas

Sometimes it can happen that a JSON schema is generated from existing data and the resulting schema is quite huge. And maybe this schema is just taken as a starting point and you need to extend or modify it to get the final specifications for your JSON input. One example of a really huge JSON […]

JSON editor in a nutshell: Using JSON pretty-print

Maybe, you often have to deal with JSON data which is not formatted as you like or has no white-space at all. As an example, it is hard to edit this JSON text in the editor: What you need is an editor that a) understands the JSON syntax and b) can quickly format your JSON […]

Custom formats for the JSON validator

Starting with JSONBuddy 4.6, you can add custom formats for the JSON validator as regular expressions using a simple configuration file. The JSON editor has got two new commands to give you easy access to this new functionality: How to add and use custom formats? Use the “Open JSON validator custom formats” command to open […]

The benefits of JSONBuddy

This is not a complete list of all benefits because every user has own requirements and ways to work with JSON, CSV, YAML or XML content. As a consequence, the benefits like saving a lot of time or solving a special task are often very special for a lot of people. However, here are some […]