Tales from support: Reading a JSON log file

Convert a sequence of JSON objects into a valid array

To make headway, all John had to do was pointing JSONBuddy to the data structure inherent in the NLog derived log file. In his case, the log file was a sequence of JSON objects, and that meant using the “Surround with JSON array” command is the thing to do. One click and voila, JSONBuddy came to terms with the input before proceeding to accurately render it in the JSON editor.

The command will format the current selection or the whole document if no selection is set. You will get a well-formed JSON array afterward in the editor window and you can pretty-print it using Ctrl-Shift-p. Moreover, you can also open the log in the Grid window.

I simply sent John a message explaining those steps, and a few minutes later, I got an affirmative “Thank you” as a reply. One more happy client!

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