Free JSON validator command-line tool for Windows®

JSONBuddy command-line tool - valbuddy.exe
JSON Schema and XML/W3C validator tool
  • Download your free JSON validator command-line tool for Windows®
  • Easy setup. Just run the Windows® installer. No additional configuration required.
  • Use the JSON validator to generate detailed error reports.
  • XML/W3C validation is also supported (using the Apache Xerces parser).

Also available as solution for processing large JSON data:

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Easy to use JSON validator to check one or multiple JSON data files.

Usage example:

valbuddy.exe -v -verbose -s "D:\Examples\Library\library_schema.json" "D:\Examples\Library\library.json" "D:\Examples\Library\library_invalid.json"

Call "valbuddy.exe" without any paramters to get a list of options in the console window.

Validation output:

D:\Examples\Library\library.json: valid
D:\Examples\Library\library_invalid.json: invalid Did not find the following required properties: [title] Input location: /bib/book/2 Schema location: /properties/bib/properties/book/items
Finished processing

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