A quick introduction of the JSONPatch WebAPI

JSONBuddy can apply JSONPatch operations to your JSON data with a simple command from the built-in File Explorer window. You can also use JSONPatch with the command-line tool which is also part of the JSONBuddy installation package. But there is also a third option. The JSON toolbox WebAPI available at RapidAPI offers an API endpoint […]

A WebAPI toolbox to format and analyze JSON

To amend the JSON editor for Windows, a WebAPI toolbox is available to provide methods to analyze and format your JSON data. You can access the WebAPI through the RapidAPI hub at JSON Toolbox. The API is still in an early stage but you can test and use it free of charge. As usual, any […]

Using a custom JSON schema repository in JSONBuddy

What is a JSON schema repository (or library)? A schema repository is a collection of JSON schemas. Often, those schemas are available online. One example of a popular online schema library is https://schemastore.org. There is a collection of hundreds of schemas available and you can browse and download them. A good opportunity to learn and […]

Set menu item text to lowercase in JSON editor

Finally, the latest release JSONBuddy 6 has lowercase menu item names. But some existing customers with an older version of the JSON editor for windows also prefer lowercase names, but the default is all uppercase (as it was in VisualStudio for a while). Therefore, this blog post shows how to change the menu names even […]

Configure and use JSON schema pools for validation

The JSON schema standard does not define a way to reference local or remote schema files for validation from within the JSON instance document. A JSON validator needs to support a way to load and assign schemas to the JSON data. Just setting a single root schema is not sufficient, if the schema itself references […]

Full support for JSON schema draft 2019-09

JSONBuddy 6 was released on June, 12th 2021. One of the major new features in the JSON editor is the full support of the JSON schema draft 2019-09. This means the built-in validator is passing all test cases of the official test suite (around 1000 cases). Hence, JSONBuddy enables you to write and test JSON […]

Tales from support: Reading a JSON log file

So, I got this message not too long ago from a new user of JSONBuddy. The user wrote: “Trying to read log files generated with NLog in Json format. JSONBuddy JSON editor complaining about format. Example data from file: { … some sample data… }” Apparently, the user, let’s call him John to make this […]