Tales from support: How to convert huge JSON data to CSV

A customer was looking for help how to convert big JSON data to CSV using JSONBuddy. In general, the JSON editor offers several functionalities without the need to load the document into the tool (like pretty-printing and removing of any whitespace). This allows processing of much larger data as usually supported by other software. The […]

Full JSONPatch support in JSONBuddy

JSONPatch allows modifying JSON data with a set of operations defined itself as a JSON array. JSONBuddy 5.1 supports the complete JSONPatch specification directly in the editor to apply any number of operations to any number of JSON documents. Just a few details to get an idea what JSONPatch can do for you. A simple […]

Tales from support: Clearing the results window

There is a context menu available at the results window of JSONBuddy. This menu also provides a command to clear the results entries at any time. Unfortunately, not all people are aware that this menu does exist. Therefore I got the following feedback: “Everything I have seen so far is good. Maybe provide an option […]

Download the free JSON validator command-line tool

You are not only looking for the best JSON editor for data files and JSON schemas? You are working on a Windows system and you need to quickly validate one or multiple JSON data files from the command-line? Then you should try the free JSON validator command-line tool for Windows from json-buddy.com. Check one or multiple […]

Convert JSON to CSV: Generate pointer/value pairs from your data

JSONBuddy already supports to convert JSON data to CSV (and also back from CSV to JSON…). You can learn more about the standard JSON to CSV dialog at the help pages. Starting with JSONBuddy 5, there is a new way to generate CSV output from JSON input in the editor: The “Convert JSON to pointer/value […]

JSON editor in a nutshell: How to assign a JSON schema

The JSON schema specification defines no way to assign a schema to a JSON data file. The schema used for validation is either set by the application or by any meta-data like transmission headers or even filename patterns. As an editor for JSON schema, JSONBuddy needs to support methods to assign a JSON schema to […]

JSON schema editor with $ref resolving

Being able to navigate quickly and convenient in your JSON schema can make a big difference while you are working on your schema definitions. Here is a sample screen-shot directly from the JSON schema editor environment of JSONBuddy of the “Unity Assembly Definition” schema available at schemastore.org: The editor resolves the target locations of all $ref […]

JSON editor in a nutshell: The navigation history

A navigation history is a powerful functionality to jump between locations in your JSON data where you want to do modifications or if you want to copy content from one place to another. In both cases, the navigation history saves a lot of time while you are using the JSON editor. In JSONBuddy, the navigation […]