Tales from support: Open large data in the JSON editor

I got the following user feedback from the survey page on running the uninstaller of JSONBuddy: It reported that the large JSON file I wanted to view was too large. Unfortunately, I can’t clarify this issue afterward with the user who sent the feedback because she or he left no email address. I wonder what […]

Pretty-print and remove whitespace for large JSON data

What do you do if you need to compact a JSON document but the file has more than 400 MB and 20 Million lines? Or the other way around, you have a large document and it is impossible to read because it has no formatting? So you need a JSON editor which can do two things […]

Instant validation while editing JSON data

Are you tired of clicking the “Validate” button or pressing F11 every time you want to know if your JSON data has still some validation errors? Then here are the good news. With JSONBuddy 4.5 you don’t need to run the JSON validator explicitly anymore while you are working on your JSON data in the […]

JSON editor in a nutshell: Open or create a JSON document

There are several ways to create a new JSON file or to open already existing JSON data in JSONBuddy. In this article, I want to briefly show how to start editing JSON in the editor in the following ways: The “New” command (Ctrl-N) Create a new JSON schema with “File | New… | JSON schema” […]

Tales from support: Spaces for indentation

During the development of JSONBuddy 4.5 we got a customer inquiry about the need to use spaces instead of tabs for indentation levels in the JSON editor. So we added this setting to the “Editor” page of the “Options” dialog: If you remove the check from the “Use tabs for indentation” check-box, the editor will […]

Setting the default view on creating a new JSON document

A new episode of the “Tales from support” series. I got the following question: By the way, is there any way to set the defaults when loading JSONBuddy? Every time I open  JSONBuddy I have to manually click New File and then select Text View… The actual issue was, that the new document was opened […]

All your JSON schema are belong to us

Open JSON schema from library dialog

Ok, please don’t take this title literally. But did you know that you can instantly load all JSON schema files from schemastore.org in JSONBuddy? All you need to do is to open JSONBuddy and to use the “File | Open from JSON schema library…” command to show the open dialog which reads all available schema documents from […]