All your JSON schema are belong to us

Ok, please don’t take this title literally. But did you know that you can instantly load all JSON schema files from in JSONBuddy? All you need to do is to open JSONBuddy and to use the “File | Open from JSON schema library…” command to show the open dialog which reads all available schema documents from This list is updated any time you start the JSONBuddy editor.

Open JSON schema from library dialog
Open JSON schema from library dialog is a great resource to learn how others are writing JSON schemas and can help a lot on providing own specifications for your JSON data. After the schema is loaded in JSONBuddy, the editor will automatically generate JSON sample data. You can immediately create a new document from the sample data using the “JSON | Generate sample document from JSON schema” command.

In addition, the unique built-in JSON schema analyzer will start to report any issues it can find about the schema. You can learn more about the analyzer on the following page: An assistant on creating JSON schema documents.

As you can see, JSONBuddy is a complete package to make working with JSON data and JSON schema a lot easier, quicker and more comfortable.

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