JSON editor and validator - view, edit and format JSON data

JSONBuddy - A better way to edit and create JSON and JSON schema. The only editor with full support for Draft 4, 6, 7, 2019-09 and 2020-12.

JSON editor for Windows and JSON validator tool

JSON editor for Windows ®

JSON text and grid editor for Windows® to create error-free JSON with ease.

JSON Schema validator and editor

JSON syntax checking and JSON Schema validator supporting Draft 4, 6, 7, 2019-09 and 2020-12. Unique JSON schema analyzer and debugger.

Solution for large JSON data

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JSON data converter

Import CSV text and get JSON data. Export JSON to CSV and convert between JSON and XML.

JSON Command-line tool

Free JSON validator command-line tool.

Be more productive with JSONBuddy as your JSON editor for Windows ®

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Built-in text editor for JSON and JSON Schema with syntax-coloring, auto-completion, folding and more...

JSON syntax-coloring, auto-completion, code folding

Context sensitive entry-helper

Intelligent auto-completion using JSON schema information. Create JSON content in less time.

Brace highlighting and prettify JSON

Brace highlighting, prettify JSON and remove whitespace features.

JSON Text editor

Whenver you need to edit any JSON input which is not well-formed.

JSON syntax checking

Avoid JSON parsing problems with the built-in JSON syntax checking.

Best JSON schema editor available

Schema editor for Windows® with $ref keywords as active links. Unique JSON schema analyzer and JSON Schema validation debugger. Step through the validation process and set breakpoints.

Code folding

Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of JSON text.


Complete JSON text editor for Windows®. JSON specific syntax-coloring for increased readability.

Apply JSONPatch operations

Use the JSONPatch standard to modify your data directly in the JSON editor and also using the command-line tool (Screencast).

A unique JSON Schema validation debugger

Inspect JSON schema validation

Step through any JSON validation

See in detail how your JSON data is validated. Learn and watch what parts of the JSON schema the validator is using.

Understand any JSON Schema in no time

Regardless of the origin of the JSON Schema. Use the debugger to see how it is working.

All standard debugging commands

Step, run, break and stop commands are available to quickly navigate through the debugging session.

Set breakpoints in JSON input and schemas

Add any number of breakpoints in your JSON instance and all referenced schema files.

Use any view you like while debugging

You can switch between Text, Grid and Schema view while you are stepping through the JSON validation process.

Outstanding support for large JSON instance data

Use JSONBuddy to debug input data with thousands or even millions of lines. You can locate how and where your JSON data is validated in seconds.

Always create well-formed JSON with JSONBuddy and the easy to use grid editor

Create well-formed JSON using the grid editor

Fast editing of JSON

JSON editor with drag-and-drop to build any JSON structure fast and easy.

Collapse and expand

JSON editor supporting collapse and expand sections of JSON data with a single click.

Context sensitive entry-helpers

Create JSON content in less time with intelligent context sensitive entry-helpers showing properties from any assigned JSON schema.


Syntax-coloring for property values and arrays.

Complete JSON editor environment

Standard editor functionalities like undo-redo, copy-paste and find-replace also for the grid editor.

Quick access with keyboard navigation

Support for keyboard navigation like arrow keys and page up/down.

Syntax checking and validation

Run well-formed tests and validation also for large JSON data.

JSON Schema view to generate HTML documentation

Use the unique JSON schema view to create a nicely looking tree diagram of your JSON schema. Learn more about the JSON schema editor in JSONBuddy.

Take a detailed look at some other features of JSONBuddy

JSONBuddy is more than just a JSON editor for Windows ®. Learn more on clicking the images and links below.