Fast and easy JSON editor and validator for Windows®

JSONBuddy Swift is for everyone who needs to create error free JSON data.

  • JSONBuddy Swift includes many of the functionality for usability and editing of the JSONBuddy Standard environment with a simplified user interface.
  • Text and grid editor components for JSON data.
  • Live validation using JSON schema.
  • JSON validator and editor for Windows as one modern and easy to use tool.

Download and try JSONBuddy Swift as your JSON editor with JSON schema support.

14-days free trial period with no registration.

JSONBuddy Swift desktop editor

Create error free JSON content with a comprehensive set of editing and usability features in less time.

Context sensitive entry-helper

Intelligent auto-completion using JSON schema information.

JSON syntax checking

Avoid JSON parsing problems with built-in JSON syntax checking.

JSON Text editor

Whenver you need to edit any JSON input which is not well-formed.

Code folding and brace highlighting

Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of JSON text.


JSON specific syntax-coloring for increased readability.

JSON grid editor

Graphical JSON editor with drag-and-drop to create valid JSON data fast and easy.