The JSONBuddy desktop application offers a lot of JSON related functionality for your daily work with JSON documents. The tool includes an enhanced File Explorer, an editor tab and a Large File Viewer to give you convenient access to all of your JSON documents.

With JSONBuddy you can edit, validate and transform multiple JSON files with just a few clicks. All of the functionality is so easy to use that also people without a deeper knowledge about JSON are able to edit and validate any number of documents.

At a glance, you can use JSONBuddy for the following tasks:

  • JSON text editor
    Create and edit JSON with syntax-coloring, auto-completion and well-formed checking.
  • JSON validator
    Validate your JSON data against JSON schema definitions with a single click.
  • JSON grid editor
    The built-in grid editor makes it easy to always create well-formed JSON data with no syntax errors.
  • JSON Schema editor
    Design and check standard compliant JSON schemas.
  • JSON Schema validation
    Check your JSON input with the JSON Schema standard.
  • Generate JSON schema documentation
    View any schema as tree diagram and generate HTML documentation with a single click.
  • Create HTML from JSON data
    Use standard XSL stylesheets to convert JSON to HTML
  • Convert between XML, JSON and CSV formats
    Import CSV data and convert between XML and JSON. Create CSV from JSON.

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