Text editor for large JSON data - The fastest way to view and edit big data

Working with big data - Browse text content with millions of lines in a few seconds.

  • Run well-formed checks also for large JSON content.
  • Convenient jump-to-error functionality.
  • Find text in your big JSON data in no time.

JSONBuddy provides support for huge JSON and text data (multi-GB) to view and edit those documents directly in the application. Regardless of the size of your input data, the application will only use a small amount of memory to view the file content.

Well-formed check of large JSON data

Please note: Editing of large JSON, XML or text data is currently only enabled in the Plus edition.

Tool for large JSON content - From now on, you can open and edit files with millions of lines

Any document with more than a certain size will be opened in the Large File view of JSONBuddy. You can set the size limit in the settings of the application. The screenshot below shows the editor after loading an original OSM document with the geographical information of Massachusetts. JSONBuddy was also used to convert the OSM data to JSON. The resulting document has about 2.5 GB and more than 39 million lines of JSON data. After clicking the "Start editing" button you can modify the content in the editor.

Performance tests on working with large JSON

The tables below are showing how fast JSONBuddy can open and show really large JSON input. The original OSM data was converted to JSON text using JSONBuddy. By intention, those test results below are taken on medium-class PC systems.

Loading times (Test system: Desktop AMD 3GHz / Loading from HDD)
Document Size JSONBuddy
cyprus.json 148 MB 0:02 0:02
albania-latest.json 438 MB 0:09 failed
Loading times (Test system: Notebook i5 / Loading from SSD)
Document Size JSONBuddy
africa-latest.osm 11 GB 0:49 failed
massachusetts.json 2.6 GB 0:13 failed

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