Large JSON editor and validator - Processing of big JSON files

Validate, browse and edit JSON content with millions of lines.

  • Run well-formed checks also for large files.
  • Use the streaming JSON Schema validator for big data.
  • As a large JSON viewer, open and browse huge documents.
  • Convenient jump-to-error functionality using the JSONPointer evaluator or by line number.
  • Find text in your huge JSON file in no time.

JSONBuddy provides support for huge JSON and text data (multi-GB) to view and edit those documents directly in the application. Regardless of the size of your input data, the application will only use a small amount of memory to view the file content.

Well-formed check of big data

Each edition of JSONBuddy adds the following functionality supporting large data:


  • Viewer tool: Open and browse files of any size.
  • Run well-formed syntax checking.
  • Format large JSON input (minify and prettify)
  • Command-line tool (CLI) for server and batch processing.


  • Edit large documents
  • Validation debugger for faster development of schemas.

Large Data

  • Get access to the streaming JSON Schema validator (also as CLI tool).
  • Learn more

View and edit huge JSON data

Do you work with huge data and need a fast and easy way to view and edit them? In this video, you will learn how to open, edit, and check large files in JSONBuddy.

Prettify JSON data in JSONBuddy

This short video gives an example of how to prettify a JSON instance document in JSONBuddy. It also shows how to format large files directly on disk.

Performance tests loading and validating large JSON

The tables below demonstrate the speed at which JSONBuddy can validate, open, and display substantial input. The original OSM data was converted to JSON text using JSONBuddy. By intention, those test results below are taken on medium-class PC systems (Desktop AMD Ryzen5 3.6 GHz).

Important: Validation time always depends on the actual data and the complexity of the applied JSON Schema. Keywords like "uniqueItems" take more time during the validation process compared to other keywords. The measurements from the table can be used as estimation.

Open in editor (loading from SSD)
Document Size JSONBuddy
cyprus.json 238 MB 0:01 0:05
albania.json 484 MB 0:03 failed
moldova.json 811 MB 0:04 failed
Streaming validation (loading from SSD)
Document Size JSONBuddy
cyprus.json 238 MB 3:51 not supported
albania.json 484 MB 7:20 not supported
moldova.json 811 MB 11:41 not supported

Take a detailed look at some other features of JSONBuddy

JSONBuddy is more than just a JSON editor for Windows ®. Learn more on clicking the images and links below.


JSONBuddy is a robust and intuitive application for editing and validating JSON data files of any size and also works as a large JSON viewer. It provides several functionalities that facilitate the manipulation and analysis of huge data, such as:

  • Open, browse and edit JSON files of any size.
  • Format large input (minify and prettify)
  • Built-in streaming JSON validator and formatter that can process files up to several GB in size, with error reporting and correction features.
  • JSON Schema generation for creating and testing data models, with special support for huge data.
  • JSONPointer evaluation and navigation to rapidly locate and edit any value.
  • JSON to XML and XML to JSON conversion with customizable options, such as namespace handling and attribute mapping.
With JSONBuddy, you can edit and validate any file, regardless of its size or complexity, with ease and confidence. Whether you need to edit, validate, transform, or generate JSON files, JSONBuddy has you covered as the all-in-one solution. You can easily handle any size of data, from a few bytes to gigabytes. You can also use it as a command-line tool to automate your tasks and integrate it with other applications. JSONBuddy is more than just an editor. It's a powerful and versatile tool that will benefit you in many ways.