The Ultimate JSON Schema Testing Tool

If you're in need of a reliable and comprehensive tool to test your JSON Schemas, look no further than JSONBuddy's unique JSON Schema tester. This schema testing environment enables you to validate your JSON Schemas against multiple JSON test data files, ensuring consistency, correctness, and coverage. Let us guide you through the features and benefits of this tool, as well as explain how to make the most out of JSON Schema development.

What is a JSON Schema Tester?

A JSON Schema tester is a vital tool that assists you in verifying how a set of data files align with your JSON Schema resources. It is especially valuable during the design phase of JSON Schema development. Conversely, a JSON Schema test tool also helps ensure that your JSON data files adhere to the expected structure and constraints defined by your JSON Schemas.

Why Choose JSONBuddy's JSON Schema Test Tool?

The JSON Schema test tool from JSONBuddy offers a powerful and convenient solution to test your JSON Schemas, ensuring their validity, compatibility, and completeness. By leveraging this tool, you can:

  1. Save time and effort by testing multiple files simultaneously.
  2. Avoid errors and inconsistencies by comparing tests with reference results.
  3. Improve your schema design and quality by collecting coverage information.
  4. Edit schemas and data files effortlessly, with instant validation results.
JSON Schema test collections

Limitations of Online JSON Schema Validators

While numerous online JSON Schema validators are available, they often come with limitations. For instance, some may not support the latest JSON Schema specifications, lack the ability to test multiple JSON data files simultaneously, or fail to provide detailed feedback on the coverage of your JSON data in relation to your JSON Schema definitions. JSONBuddy addresses these limitations by introducing a new JSON Schema test tool, which offers a comprehensive and convenient approach to testing your JSON Schemas.

How to Use the JSON Schema Test Tool from JSONBuddy

JSONBuddy is a Windows-based desktop application that can be downloaded for free from the download page. To utilize the tool effectively, you'll need either a JSON Schema file or a JSON Schema pool, and one or more JSON data files that you wish to test against. You can create these files within JSONBuddy's built-in editor or import them from local or remote sources. It is essential that the test data files are accessible in a single local folder.

How to create a JSON Schema test

In this video, you will learn how to use JSONBuddy to create and run a JSON Schema test. JSONBuddy is a powerful tool that lets you edit, validate and transform JSON data. You will see how to use the test runner to check your JSON data against the schema. You will also learn some tips and tricks to make your JSON Schema testing easier and faster.

Generate a JSON Schema coverage report

You will learn how to use JSONBuddy to generate a JSON Schema coverage report. Once a test data set and schema resources are defined, generating a JSON Schema coverage report becomes effortless. The report provides comprehensive details on the specific parts of the schema resources covered by the current test data.

Main Features of JSONBuddy's JSON Schema Test Tool

JSONBuddy's JSON Schema test tool boasts several outstanding features that distinguish it from other online validators. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Support for all versions of the JSON Schema specification, ranging from Draft 4 to Draft 2020-12.
  2. Ability to test multiple JSON data files simultaneously, without the need for manual pasting or uploading.
  3. Option to set a reference result and compare ongoing tests with it, ensuring consistency and correctness of your data over time.
  4. Collection of schema definition coverage information, indicating which parts of your schemas are thoroughly tested by your data and which parts require further coverage.
  5. One-click summary report providing an overview of your tests, including the overall status, the number of errors and messages, and the coverage.
  6. Integration with JSONBuddy's built-in editor, allowing easy editing of schemas and data files with real-time validation results.

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