Complete JSON editor and validator environment for Windows®

Screenshot of complete JSON editor application

Why is JSONBuddy the best JSON editor for Windows®?

  • Text and grid editor components for JSON data.
  • Live validation if a JSON schema is assigned.
  • Batch validation in the editor and with included command-line tool.
  • Convert between CSV, XML and JSON data.
  • Instant generation of JSON schema definitions for any JSON input.
  • Supports the popular Draft 4, 6, 7, 2019-09 and Draft 2020-12 of the JSON schema standard.
  • JSON validator and editor for Windows as one tool.

Download and try JSONBuddy as your JSON editor:

JSON instance validator

Convenient authoring of JSON data with
syntax-coloring, auto-completion and folding

  • JSON editor with syntax-coloring, brace highlighting and matching for unmatched readability.
  • Intelligent auto-completion. Create JSON data in less time.
  • Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of your JSON content.
  • Use the built-in JSON schema validator to test any number of JSON instance documents.
  • Standard editor functionalities like copy-paste and find-replace with support for regular expressions.

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