JSONBuddy key-features comparison table

  Swift Standard/Educational Plus
JSON editor
JSON text editor with auto-completion
Syntax coloring
Code folding
Syntax checking
Grid editor with auto-completion
Navigation history
Minify/Pretty-print JSON
JSONPointer evaluator
Apply JSONPatch operations
JSON validator
Assign schema to JSON data
Validate JSON against schema
Background validation with inline error indicators
Apply instant data validation fixes
Create JSON document from schema
Generate schema document from JSON data
Access to online JSON Schema library
Batch validation
JSON Schema Profiling
JSON Schema editor
Schema syntax coloring
Quick $ref navigation on click
Generate sample data from schema
Schema specification as interactive help-text
Background schema analyzer/linter
JSON Schema validation debugger
JSON Schema test tool
Generate HTML documentation for schema
Data conversion
Convert between JSON/XML/CSV data
Large file support
Open and browse
Find operations
Edit content
Command-line tool
Command-line tool for batch processing is part of the software package