JSON Buddy App for Android

Free JSON viewer and JSON Schema validator App for Android.

Open JSON data

Use the Open button to load any JSON from your device.

Select schema from schemastore.org

Select any schema available at schemastore.org for JSON validation.

Validate JSON

Validate your JSON data and get a detailed error report.

Also available as complete JSON editor for Windows ®

Use JSONBuddy as your JSON editor for the Windows platform to create and modify JSON content or JSON Schema files and get access to extraordinary editor features like JSON well-formed checking, intelligent auto-completion, pretty-print, remove whitespace and JSON validation.

JSONBuddy has a built-in powerful Grid style editor for JSON. This new editor view simplifies the creation and editing of JSON text even more and guarantees that any JSON content is well-formed and ready to be parsed.

Take a detailed look at some other features of JSONBuddy

JSONBuddy is more than just a JSON editor for Windows ®. Learn more on clicking the images and links below.