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Instant validation while editing JSON data

Are you tired of clicking the "Validate" button or pressing F11 every time you want to know if your JSON data has still some validation errors? With JSONBuddy, you don't need to run the JSON validator explicitly anymore while you are working on your JSON data in the editor. Instead, you always get all issues displayed as text indicators instantaneously and directly in the JSON editor window. You also get the error message shown as call-tip if you hover with the mouse over the indicator for a short while:
JSON validator runs in the background in the editor
Instant validation at any time
This allows a new way of working with JSON documents in JSONBuddy. You just open the JSON and if there is already a schema assigned, you can immediately see if the JSON data has errors or not. And to make it easier to fix any issues and to know what values are actually available for the enumeration, the editor will also display an entry-helper if you are going to fill the property:
Enum values from the assigned JSON schema
So in summary, you always see any errors immediately and you get instant help if you want to fix them in the editor while you are editing your JSON data. Both make working with JSON more convenient and helps to save time.