A WebAPI toolbox to format and analyze JSON

To amend the JSON editor for Windows, a WebAPI toolbox is available to provide methods to analyze and format your JSON data. You can access the WebAPI through the RapidAPI hub at JSON Toolbox. The API is still in an early stage but you can test and use it free of charge. As usual, any feedback is much appreciated and helps to improve the service.

Analyze a JSON schema

The main purpose of the JSON schema linter is to catch issues and critical errors in schema specifications early and automatically. This helps to increase the quality of your schema pool and to avoid breaking the workflow. The linter reports issues, which are not covered by a standard schema validation. As an example, a broken $ref link, many typos or missing definitions are detected and can be fixed immediately.

POST /api/jsonschemalinter/analyze
Content-Type: application/json

Request content: JSON schema
Response body: Linter report. Empty if no issues are found.

The JSON schema linter is also available in JSONBuddy as a built-in analyzer task that runs in the background while you edit your schema documents. The JSON editor will show any issues found immediately. Please take a look at the following page to learn what the analyzer can do for you: JSON Schema Analyzer.

Minify JSON input

Use the minify endpoint to remove any whitespace from your JSON input. This can save a lot of space and time on saving and processing your data further.

POST /api/jsonlinter/minify
Content-Type: application/json

Request content: JSON input
Response body: Minified JSON data.