Set menu item text to lowercase in JSON editor

Finally, the latest release JSONBuddy 6 has lowercase menu item names. But some existing customers with an older version of the JSON editor for windows also prefer lowercase names, but the default is all uppercase (as it was in VisualStudio for a while). Therefore, this blog post shows how to change the menu names even for JSONBuddy 5 and 4.

Customer inquiry: “Hello, Is it possible to have menu names NOT uppercase too?”

Solution: Yes, using the “Tools | Customize…” dialog. You open the dialog and select the “Menu” tab. Then, you can right-click any item from the main menu to change the appearance. Use the “Button Appearance…” command. Next, a dialog is displayed with an edit field to change the text:

Use “Tools | Customize …” to change menu names

The next picture shows the dialog to enter the new name for the menu item:

As a result, the new menu text is saved and restored. This way, you can change all menu names in the JSON editor as you prefer.