JSON editor in a nutshell: The navigation history

A navigation history is a powerful functionality to jump between locations in your JSON data where you want to do modifications or if you want to copy content from one place to another. In both cases, the navigation history saves a lot of time while you are using the JSON editor.

In JSONBuddy, the navigation history uses the current JSONPointer to add the latest location. Compared to a set of common line and column positions, this method has the advantage that the locations in the navigation history are still valid even after adding or removing other content in the meantime in the editor. 

Navigation history toolbar commands

Keyboard accelerators for the navigation history

The main toolbar has two buttons to use the navigation history. However, the fastest way to jump backward or forward are the assigned keyboard accelerators: Use the “Navigate Backward Ctrl+Shift+,” and “Navigate Forward Ctrl+Shift+.” commands to quickly navigate through the selection history in the JSON editor.