Tales from support: Open large data in the JSON editor

I got the following user feedback from the survey page on running the uninstaller of JSONBuddy:

It reported that the large JSON file I wanted to view was too large.

Unfortunately, I can’t clarify this issue afterward with the user who sent the feedback because she or he left no email address. I wonder what dialog or message caused the confusion on opening large JSON data in the editor? Actually, the JSON (text) is always opened either in the standard view or using the special Large File view. Maybe the following dialog was confusing for the user:

Info dialog on opening a large file
Info dialog on opening a large file

This dialog appears if the user tries to open large text data in the JSON editor for the first time. It tells the user that there is also a special view available for huge text documents and that it can take a while to open big files (usually if they have more than 50 MB …) in the standard view of the editor.

However, in any case, the document is opened in the editor afterward.